563cc9_974cbd424de0405bb2d3d00d92d5d69eFrost Livestock Co. farms around 250 irrigated acres.

Production equates to nearly 500 tons of hay per season.

Stocking rates range from 300-600 cattle on the farm for the winter months.

The farm is adjacent to Fountain Creek and has a significant wetland habitat and wildlife presence.

Frost Livestock Co. operates a small vegetable enterprise on approximately 3 acres.

Markets include local farmer’s markets through the Colorado Farm and Art Market (CFAM) and through the Arkansas Valley Organic Growers Cooperative (AVOG).

The main crops grown include onions, potatoes, chile, carrots, lettuce and beets.

Many of those vegetables end up on the plates of high-end restaurants such as The Broadmoor Hotel, Adams Mountain Café, Bingo Burger and Bon Appetite.

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