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Our cattle and sheep graze throughout the ranch – on the upland, non-irrigated pastures as well as on the rich, grass-meadows along Fountain Creek.

Calving and lambing season begins in late winter with babies coming through early spring. May and June find us not only planting and irrigating the fields, but also branding our calves and helping out with brandings at neighboring ranches. Ranching traditions go deep, and branding season is a great time for neighbors to work together. We take pride in long-held ranching traditions, working horseback and dragging to the fire. Established hands keep the work going, but there’s a new generation of ranchers coming along, too; children and grandchildren get to join in and learn the basics. We’re committed to the future of agriculture and see it in the next generation. You can purchase our pasture-raised meat in small, convenient packaging by placing an order online.


  • 100% grass-fed/grass finished beef and lamb

  • Raising healthy, antibiotic and hormone-free animals

  • Practicing low-stress livestock management

  • Providing everything from holiday roasts and summer barbecue steaks to year ‘round ground beef, lamb chops, and stew meat

  • Creating a sustainable agricultural future