Frost Livestock is a combined ranching and farming enterprise that raises non-certified organic vegetables and grass/alfalfa hay on the irrigated parts of the farm;Grass-fed and finished lamb in the irrigated meadows; and grass-fed and finished beef on the meadows and throughout the upland, non-irrigated pastures.

Our lamb and beef are free from hormones, antibiotics and corn; our fields are never sprayed; and our vegetable planting, irrigating, weeding, and harvesting are all done the old-fashioned way – by hand, by family and neighbors. We are committed to sustainable and regenerative practices and take pride in growing delicious, healthy, and sustainable food—including greens, beets, onions, potatoes, beans, leeks, chile, and grass-fed/grass-finished lamb and beef. We are a fourth-generation farm and ranch, with deep roots in local farming and ranching traditions and with lasting commitments to the future of agriculture in Colorado.